Week 2: Team Summary

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This week was once again focused on developing concept work. We feel confident that we are on the right path and that concept wise we will finish our Main Player Character’s concept by this up coming Tuesday. However two of our main members got caught up in something so we may have to rethink our meeting days and times in order to make sure they are able to attend.

This is especially important now that we have an additional programmer on board. Although four people had told me they were interested in working on our game, only one has followed up on our emails. We we have to figure out a communication method that everyone is comfortable as well as to have your programmers discuss how they would like to transfer data between them. Currently they seem to be leaning towards Github, however we still need to discuss if we should pay the extra cost to keep our files to ourselves.


Roof of death

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So… The ceiling is ugly and I believe a mongoose could design better. *happy thoughts*


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Video game statue in the labs. Remembering what awaits me after school.

Cushion room

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A great room to work/ sleep. So many random hoists that ate useless XD


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Friends. They make me the happiest as well as the least productive sometimes.

Sugar deprived

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I got this as a gift and was very disappointed in the lack of frosting….I miss my childhood.

You, robot

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  • Dressed to impress (barber shop quartet style)
  • Able to Sing a variety of songs (JUKEBOX)
    • Bowtie is the insert for coins
    • Pipes on back of the next to release music
    • Large mustache
    • Wields multiple blades
      • Multiple hands and arms
      • Handles protrude out of body
      • Head can rotate
      • Uni-wheel leg
        • Old school unicycle
        • Bio shock style
          • 1950’s dystopian future
          • Steampunk
          • Cute Introduction
            • “May I take your hat sir”
            • “Welcome to my humble shop”
            • “May I interest you in a haircut?”
            • “I have some Fresh meat if you are interested
          • <