You, robot


  • Dressed to impress (barber shop quartet style)
  • Able to Sing a variety of songs (JUKEBOX)
    • Bowtie is the insert for coins
    • Pipes on back of the next to release music
    • Large mustache
    • Wields multiple blades
      • Multiple hands and arms
      • Handles protrude out of body
      • Head can rotate
      • Uni-wheel leg
        • Old school unicycle
        • Bio shock style
          • 1950’s dystopian future
          • Steampunk
          • Cute Introduction
            • “May I take your hat sir”
            • “Welcome to my humble shop”
            • “May I interest you in a haircut?”
            • “I have some Fresh meat if you are interested
          • <


~ by naturesfox on November 26, 2012.

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