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Picture 1:

1)Love. Young, dangerous, illegal love.

Picture 2:

1)I dropped my shirt!

2)I late for my race, I’ll take a shortcut

Picture 3:

1) Internet Surfing. It doesn’t work like that.

2) Drowned by Data

Picture 4:

1)Sorry Wrong Picture

2)Can you draw the rest of my body, my artist got lazy.

Picture 5:

1) Who said I needed a higher budget

2) Broadening your horizon

3) All I I said was that I wanted a larger cubicle



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So I was walking home ad something drops on my head. I look up a two squirrels are above me noming away at some berries.

Food for thought

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The one thing that gives me hope, the thought if eating delicious shrimp

It’s a wall

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Once again, all handcrafted tiles, pretty cool. Where is this place!?

Color match 2

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I somehow managed to find this color on a brochure in manyunck ( or however it is spelled). I’m not sure why I was there. I just felt like I wanted to, so I took a train, walked around, and proceeded to work on my anim final for 6 or so hours.

Color match 1

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Believe it or not, johns eye was pretty much one of the colors I was looking for, although it turned out a little dark.

Finals Idea

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For my final my question is “What will I do once I graduate college?”

I intend to gather a list of supplies needed to be prepared for whats out there by asking seniors and graduate students (and possibly some teachers) what they prepared, was it enough, etc. I also intend to start putting together a list of places of where to apply to work if that turns out that I will end up doing. All my research will be mainly from other students who are either close to the time placement of my question or those who have already gone through it. I will also use their information in order to begin preparing myself now for what awaits.